Nutrition Management vertical of Agrivaidic Integration

AVI Arogya is the 3rd of the 5 related verticals in AgriVaidic Integration associated with Nutrition Management. It plays an important role in human Healthcare Management with the Science of Human Nutrition and Nutritional care to attain better health making it a fundamental part of Healthy Lifestyle. Eating healthy and in the right quantity would contribute towards a healthier future for all of us and we should make it a part of our Daily Routine. The diet plans are customised as per our culture, climate and they do stick to our basics. Such plans are here to stay for all your life, and we strongly believe in that. We all should work towards a diet so well balanced that our immunity is enough to sustain a challenging environment, and the focus lies on nutraceuticals and not pharmaceuticals. Good Health and well-being is an endeavour for the entire human race in which Nutritionist plays an important role in developing Healthy food habits.

Nutrition Diary

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